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About last week…

Great insight on everything from mindfulness to Sartre to Isis. Source: About last week…

Why We Care More About Paris

The world feels like a terrifying place. People are dying in Paris while at a middle class concert. What if we are next? Catastrophizing is normal, when we hear stories like this. Suddenly the world feels a little less safe. People in Mission, British Columbia are talking about not attending

Stress and the Social Self: How Relationships Affect Our Immune System

From our friends at brainpickings: Somewhere in our brains we carry a map of our relationships. It is our mother’s lap, our best friend’s holding hand, our lover’s embrace — all these we carry within ourselves when we are alone. Just knowing that these are there to hold us if

Stupid Little Pill

In a recent conversation with a friend I accidentally referred to anxiety medication as “aspirin for the brain”. I meant it in a good way. Why is taking something for anxiety any different than taking the exact same thing for insomnia? There is much stigma around medications and it is tempting

I’m Sorry I’ve Been Absent So Here’s A Rant

One of my best friends, intelligent and knowledgeable when it comes to psychological stuff, went to the doctor today. Something serious happened in her family and this has obviously affected her in very real ways. We have talked about her life for years. All I asked was for the doctor to

The Amygdala In 5 Minutes

from our friends at big think.

Empty Space

My wife and I had an argument about something that was important to her in the moment but then again, she’s a woman. Seriously, I’m kidding. Sometimes she tells me I don’t care enough about whatever stupid thing she thinks about. Again, I jest. We had an argument. It took

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