What Year Is This?

NBA veteran Jason Collins comes out as first openly gay male athlete in pro sports. Seriously? It’s 2013 and it’s still taboo to be openly gay in professional sports?

Apparently my friends who love to refer to professional athletes as “Neanderthals” are not too far off…

2 thoughts on “What Year Is This?

  1. I don’t watch news very often – I saw that and thought “WHY the bleep is that news?” I don’t get it.

  2. It’s ridiculous isn’t it. Makes me so ashamed of our society. The fault comes from both sides though – if more GLBT athletes came out, we would be more likely to be accepted. Staying in the closet (or worse, denying that you are gay, lesbian or transgender), only perpetuates the misunderstandings and discrimination. That’s why I’m out as a transgender outdoor athlete. I’m certainly no professional and never will be. But as an openly transgender amateur athlete, I can make a difference to the lives of other young transgender people and I demonstrate to those around me that I trust them enough to be honest with them.

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