Who is this guy?

Scott is a black belt, has his MA in psychology and philosophy, is a licensed marriage officiant, a clinical counsellor, a cognitive behavioral therapist, and writes comedy and is focused on helping people achieve real change.

For almost thirty years he has been working with people and families who struggle with addictions, depression, anxiety, trauma, spirituality and relationship issues.

He is currently finishing his book, “Living in the Margins: Life for people who don’t fit in”.

Scott shares amusing and insightful thoughts like why men should never worry about fulfilling themselves sexually in a relationship, why punishing your kid for doing drugs is counter-productive, and how both depression and anxiety are manageable but most people will never pay the price.

Scott is available for online counselling (Skype, by appointment), has a weekly mailing list, and speaks nationally and internationally about a variety of subjects using humour and penetrating honesty.

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