does this blog post make me look fat?

I was brought up in a world to obey certain mores. Men don’t hint with other men. If I want my buddy Steve to buy me a beer I say, “hey it’s your round”. Or if I think his haircut is stupid I tell him.

Try telling your wife her haircut is stupid. Try talking to your wife like you do to your dude friends. I dare you.

For example, if I say, “that’s an interesting sweater you are wearing”. A man is going to ask you right out, “Why?” You will answer, because it’s blue. He will instantly go on to another topic.

Try saying this to a girl, “that’s an interesting sweater you are wearing”. What is she thinking? Is she going to ask you right out? No, she will be processing at the speed of light, why is it different? Does he think it makes me look fat? Is there a stain on it? Does he hate it? I knew it, I need to lose weight.

But what was the male questioner trying to communicate? It was blue.

It is no wonder that many women prefer to socialize with men. They know what is going on. In a women’s world there are inaudible conversations going on all the time. If a woman slightly younger and smaller than my wife walks into the room my wife is thinking, “I’m fat”. She will inevitably turn to me and say, “look at her”.

So I will.

What will she say next?

“Don’t look at her.”

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