Casual Friday: Lessons From Life

A few years ago, in the spirit of the family vacation, we got in the car and headed out to the bald prairies. We were just outside of a quaint little Canadian town called Redcliff, when the fuel pump on the truck failed. After coasting into what appeared to be a small town, we took a room at the local five-star hotel. We knew it was five-star because the stars were painted on the doors. Four of us in a room that was, I kid you not, one hundred square feet, for two days.
It was in Redcliff that we came to appreciate the wonderful benefits of a rural garage. We were informed that they would have to order the parts and Jed the mechanic tried to explain to us, with his one good tooth, that it would take some time to complete the repair. Later we would experience the joy of rural pricing as well. We spent the next days eating at the gas station, fighting bugs and touring the mud roads and local Co-Op. Almost three days later and six hundred dollars poorer we headed out of town as fast as the truck would carry us. We were thankful to be away.
We had only traveled about seventy meters when we started down a steep embankment… right into the city of Medicine Hat. Before us there unfolded an array of fine hotels, service garages, theaters, restaurants and local amusements. Without a word of exaggeration, Redcliff is right next door from Medicine Hat – literally pushing distance. We just looked at each other and started to laugh.

We couldn’t see it over the hill. We were lost in the wilderness and didn’t know how close we were to the prize. We got off-track.

Ever notice how often this happens in life? In counseling we talk about not ‘being able to see the forest for the trees’. We become enmeshed in our issues and it seems like they will never end, like things can never change.

Then, once in a while, someone gives you a push.

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