The State Of Faith In Canada

from Out of Ur:

A new study published in Canada shows the same trends evident in U.S. churches are no less real in hockey country. The report titled “Hemorrhaging Faith” (I can already imagine the solution-based conference and book: “Clotting Faith”), is featured in the latest issues of Canada’s Faith Today magazine.

Some of the findings include:

-Only 1/3rd of young adults in Canada who attended church weekly as a child still attend as adults.
-Among those who no longer attend church, 1/2 have also abandoned belief in Christianity.
-There are four primary barriers that prevent young adults from engaging the church: Hypocrisy, judgement, exclusivity, and failure.

One thought on “The State Of Faith In Canada

  1. This is very interesting to me and kind of gives me a little hope…

    The 4 primary barriers are pretty much the reason I left Christianity. I wanted something more gentle, loving and spiritual — something more fulfilling for me that didn’t make me feel just horrible about myself all the time. I don’t know about “exclusivity”, I’m not sure what that means in this context…

    My parents and brother are pretty much all 3 of the others. This is a terrible thing to say (probably), but I think they are “failures” because of their “hypocrisy” and “judgement”.

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