Hurry Up And Wait

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Walk, stand here, wait. Repeat.

I’m at an airport this morning, waiting to get on another plane so that I can wait some more. In a few hours I will be in LA where I can wait for 4.5 hours to get on another plane so that I can wait some more. Eventually I’ll be in San Francisco so that we can wait until tomorrow where we will wait in line again, this time to get on to a floating mall with entertainment. So much of life seems to be about waiting – waiting for vacation, waiting for Christmas, waiting for retirement, waiting on the world to change (ya I know, but I couldn’t resist).

Growing up I somehow thought that life would move… well… faster. In counseling those with addictions we often talk about how the “normie” world is boring. One of the hardest parts of sobering up for most people is the thought of normalcy, of mundane, of no buffers. Quitting the desire for self-medicating is far harder than quitting the drug itself.

As the story goes, I am finishing this post while waiting at LAX. If you haven’t been here you may not know, but this is one of the worst airports in the world. It lacks color, flavor, or continuity. We had to leave the secure area and walk a kilometer and re-enter with the whole cavity search. So more waiting, then walking, then waiting, then take off your shoes, put your shoes back on, hurry up and wait. I told my father, with whom I am holidaying, that this is the reason, at the end of the trip, that people actually want to get home.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy to be away from the regular grind but the whole “getting there” piece is always more daunting than I remember. I can just hear someone saying, “Enjoy the journey, not just the destination.” It’s a truism that often applies, a little less so at LAX. Nonetheless I am reminded how fortunate I am that this is even possible. So many people I know will never get the opportunities I have had, and often forget to be thankful for. Fewer still would want to spend a couple of weeks with their dad. I am truly blessed.

7 thoughts on “Hurry Up And Wait

  1. This reminds me of your Dr. Seuss post and “the Waiting Place”. I feel like my life is definitely in a slump or “waiting place” and even when I have had some sort of shift, it stops and I need to wait again. I remind myself to stay in the moment, even when that moment may be uncomfortable or boring. thank goodness I have others, like yourself, to remind me to be grateful for the little moments I do have – they may not seem important but they are enough.

  2. I realize the primary theme of your post does not address this but the thought occurred while reading so here goes. If doctor prescribed medication brings balance, control, emotional pain buffer or some other thought to be positive result why is it that self-medication consistently holds such negative connotations even when it may provide the same? Is it that individuals are not thought to be capable of self-prescribing or is it that some are clearly not able thus none should be allowed to?

    1. perhaps the “self-medicating” is more of escaping reality rather than for those who need the emotional balance medically. I believe most medicating is over-diagnosed, and for those with addictions, they take too much of the prescribed meds as to achieve a numbing effect rather than a “normal” effect

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