11 thoughts on “politically incorrect

  1. I agree. The man treats his daughter as property. I can care for my daughter deeply and still allow her to be her own human being. The test is whether or not he would treat his son the same way and the answer is Hell no!

    1. Yes, it’s clear that some parents treat their sons as property also. Not very entertaining either way, I’m afraid, but who am I to judge their attitude?

      1. Totally agree with you on that. Either way is disrespectful and harmful for young people. I find the wording in the ‘Rules for Dating My Daughter’ particularly offensive – not ‘protective’ at all. However let’s not forget that both T-shirts were aimed as a joke and as the saying goes, in every joke there is a grain of truth: some parents do treat their children ‘as property’ and some young people do not treat their ‘dating’ partners nice. Hence the T-Shirts I guess.

      2. Yes, I agree it was intended as a joke and should be taken that way…perhaps it’s too close to the truth! 😉

      1. I respectfully disagree, HopefulSorrow. The wording on this T-Shirt is very aggressive and possessive and does not respect the daughter’s personal life and choice. Putting a beautiful bird in a cage could also be called ‘protection’ from all hardships in life – how would that affect the bird’s life though? Would that make the bird happy?

        If I saw my parents wearing such T-Shirt, that would spoil my relationship with them for a long time. My teenager would not find it funny either. All parents worry about their children and no parent wants to see their children being upset or hurt. However being ‘overprotective’ in such an aggressive way won’t help much. We can’t live our children’s lives and we can’t protect them from possible relationship/dating failures, no matter how much we might want. Making mistakes is part of learning and living. I believe the best we can do is to model good relationship, share our experiences and insights in a non-invasive way and be always available to support our children when they are going through tough times.

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