A Great Perhaps…

It’s an odd sort of day, today.  After 21 years of driving my kids to school, today instead I’m driving myself.  My 5 kids are finished school and I’m beginning.  I have a studio art class this afternoon and an art history and beginner French later this week  I’m both excited and weirded out.

Change always feels so uncomfortable at first, doesn’t it.   Like new clothes you were happy to buy, but not so much to wear.   I actually have a couple pairs of never worn coloured denims, bought in the spring, still tagged, waiting in my drawer.  They just don’t feel like old faves yet, and make me notice myself too much.  Maybe that’s what it is about change, it makes us notice ourselves too much…

Yesterday a friend and I loosely talked about our upcoming fall plans over lunch.  I say ‘loosely’ because I’m almost a little afraid to believe in new things, in plans.  And yet here one has arrived in spite of.  A new ‘great perhaps’ stretching in front…

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