captain-canada-canuck-sorrySorry. As a Canadian I am intimately familiar with that word. We are considered a polite people but it is possible that we are just more passive-aggressive than some of our neighbours. It is true that we have a tendency to apologize, so here goes. Sorry I haven’t been around more for the past two weeks. I am working on a project in a different medium that is consuming my time right now and will return to writing next week. The problem isn’t that I don’t feel inspired, it’s simply that I’m too ADHD to concentrate on just one project at a time.

You only have one life, you might as well try to make it an effective and exciting one!

6 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. I could “say” that I forgive you…but that wouldn’t be right. You see, I have grossly neglected “my” blog and my WordPress family. If I weren’t so skilled in the art of self-sabotage, I would write daily. I love writing. But you know something, SW?? Each and every time I do pop in, SOMEHOW a link with your name and blog is gazing boldly at me. It’s bizarre to think that I don’t actually know you. LOL. That’s because God has always used you so powerfully in my life.

    Now brother, I’m not saying you are the dog gone “Lord”…but I am saying that I “know” He speaks to me directly through you. You are an old soul and your contributions to and love for humanity is awe-inspiring, to say the least. THANK YOU for being uniquely you. I just adore you and am so incredibly thankful for your role in my life. -Ava

  2. I forgive you!!Whaahaha!I’ve been reading your posts for a few weeks now,they are great!
    Thanks!I hope you enjoy your life,and make the best of it.

  3. Sorry to be so direct, but I think it’d be awesome if you wrote a little about that ‘other medium’ project here since it would very likely be of interest to some of your local Fraser Valley readers. 🙂

      1. Just trying to assist you in making your life as effective and exciting as possible – as you do with mine. Hahahaaaaa!

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