Beginnings And Endings

It’s that time of the year again. Time to look ahead in anticipation of what is not yet. We are in a state of becoming. Everything has been made new.

It’s also a time to say goodbye. Gone are those opportunities, those days and days of petty complaints and problems that seem now, now that time has gone, to hold little lasting meaning. What has been done has been done and it’s already slipping into our long-term trashcan in our memory. Time is moving so very fast.

I’m not the guy I was a year ago. I have felt change this past year and am moving towards that day when I will know myself fully and accept myself completely. Life is good, in spite of its constant inconveniences. I am seeing some successes, even if they aren’t financial. There are people in my life who love me and I am in love with my family.

In spite of the relentless passing of time it is important to live a life of gratitude. There are many things, so many things, to complain about. So many reasons to be bitter.

I have found that as people age they tend to become a caricature of themselves. The happy people become radiant old gentlemen and ladies. The negative people spend their days telling others like themselves their litany of physical aches and pains while discussing how this world is “going to hell in a handbag”. They are miserable and want you to know all about it.

There are two roads that diverge in this world, and you know what I’m talking about. We all know where we are aiming on that road, as much as a few of us hate to admit it. It’s not too late.

5 thoughts on “Beginnings And Endings

  1. It’s always good to have someone wise to turn to when the lies in my head get too loud. Thank you for being one of the wise voices. I aspire to be a counselor like you someday soon.Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Years Scott. I think the older I get the more appreciative I am of every blessing and more accepting of the hurdles placed in front of me. Time has taught me that no matter how much I fret, fume or stamp my feet; life just happens some times and even if it isn’t what I want things tend to work out.
    But to be loved by my son and extended family is not a given and I feel truly blessed to be loved so unconditionally

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