Casual Friday – What is the deal with women and water bottles?

 I made the mistake of teasing a friend about her carrying of the sacred water bottle all day and I almost did not live to tell you about it. The women in my life are militant about hydration. Frankly, I don’t get it.

It happened one day, or so it seemed, very long ago (I believe it was a Wednesday). Women started carrying water bottles everywhere. I remember clearly watching women running about a small indoor track which had not one, but two water fountains virtually on lane one. It was all of three or four seconds between them but for some bizarre reason, that day every woman in the gym was running with a water bottle. At one point I witnessed one of them actually filling up her bottle at the fountain, an act that took far longer than actually taking a drink.

Back to my rabid friend. In no uncertain terms she described for me this miracle liquid that had transformed her life. Before she had been overweight and pale. Now she was overweight, pale, and hydrated. I am completely sure my wife is going to blow a gasket one day with her vast consumption of tasteless, lukewarm water.

I simply cannot pee that often.


2 thoughts on “Casual Friday – What is the deal with women and water bottles?

  1. So on target! I am a woman who does not carry water. My step kids (all in their 40s) carry water to bed. I can’t remember the last time I woke up because I was thirsty. Quite frankly I don’t think the skin of a hydrated (?) woman is any better than a normal drinking woman unless they have had work done. It’s mostly in the head.

  2. LOL! A water bottle makes it easy to track how much you drink, which drinking from a bubbler does not. One of the easiest things on “The To-Do List” to cross off. 🙂

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