3 thoughts on “People Are Scared To Talk About Mental Health

  1. There was an interesting article in the Canadian Nurse magazine this month regarding police records including a “wide-range of non-conviction information including 911 calls flagged as suicide attempts, metal health apprehensions….”. Unfortunately some organizations request this information and apparently, police services may disclose it. It’s no wonder that people are scared to talk about mental health, or reach out for help, knowing that to do so may jeopardize their future in a profoundly negative way. It’s always fascinating to me how people (particularly fellow health care workers) respond when you begin to speak about your struggles with depression, or start a conversation with “well my counselor said…”. There is a bit of silence, followed by some questions, then possibly a revelation of a similar issue. And in the end you usually find you’ve forged a connection with someone that is very intimate, fragile, and precious. However, the difficulty is initiating those conversations because you know that you are always risking something. Janine

    Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2014 03:08:57 +0000 To: janinebrown68@hotmail.com

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