Re-thinking food…

Poignant reminder for this season…

The Project: Me by Judy

Scott Williams shared an interesting post about the power of thought:

I’ve stated that I never did drugs, alcohol, or nicotine. My drug of choice has always been food. Better yet, or worse as the case may be, you can’t go cold turkey off of food. This gives one the built in excuse that you can’t give it up.

Scott’s information gives me the opportunity to rethinking how I deal with food. It starts in my head first. I knew this, but Scott’s blog helped me clarify the chain of events from thinking to eating.

I still want to stop using food as a punishment and celebrate food instead. This is probably a good time to go over what happened over the holiday. Yes, I overate. No, it wasn’t as bad as it has been in the past. I ate too much, but I didn’t eat as much as I wanted…

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