You Had A Bad Day

The race is not always to the swift,
Nor the battle to the strong,
Nor satisfaction to the wise,
Nor riches to the smart,
Nor grace to the learned.
Sooner or later bad luck hits us all.  Ecclesiastes 9:11

You had a bad day. Chances are, you’ve had more than a few. We all have. Sometimes I just crumble under the weight of stuff and responsibility and stress and money and traffic and things my friends are going through and insomnia and the grind and more stuff. Sometimes I’m not as tough as I pretend to be on the internet.

The text message goes something like this: “Can you believe ______________ did that again? I don’t think I can take it anymore! Things are never going to change and things are not getting better (like you promised). How much longer can this go on?” I average, if I am honest, a few of those messages a day – life seems to be hard for many people.

So I tell clients to take a few deep breaths. Now might be a good time to try that. Take a step back. Mindfulness. I open my toolbox of tricks and get to work. I am learning how to understand the emotions charging through my system. I have a wisdom rock. I try to change my perspective. More breathing. I need a plan.

The best time to prepare, we all know, is before the battle, not during it. It goes without saying, almost, that I should prepare for bad days. This seems like a no-brainer, we would never take a driving test without preparing. We would not want to take a university test without studying first. Why is it, then, that so many of us keep getting ambushed by our daily lives?

Here’s Shane…


3 thoughts on “You Had A Bad Day

  1. We had no problems and were close.
    But the one thing I do not have, is a mansion, a swimming pool, movie theatre and endless cash.
    I don’t have a 360k per year wage. I don’t manipulate, coerce, flatter or malign. And I don’t use money to control people.
    Therefore, the last of my 4 children has now left abruptly and without a trace. No thank you, no goodbye, no sorry. No reason, no explanation, no communication at all. Silence.
    I’ve now been told by the authorities (child support) that he’s applied for me to pay him.
    On my humble wage, I now pay a rich man a monthly amount while he poisons the children I no longer see.
    As his own mother says to me “People who live like this, will eventually one day fall on their own sword”.
    And in the meantime, I will move forward with my life.

  2. I love this scripture !!! Thank you.
    My story is too long and devastating to write, I’ve just lost my forth child to a controlling, embittered father, I haven’t and won’t be hearing from him (my son) anymore.
    He left after I’d taken he and his mate on a 6 day holiday. The day we arrived home (new years eve) he packed a back pack and walked out the door with no warning, no explanation and no goodbye.
    He’s a lovely boy, was always courteous and polite, kind and caring. We had no pe

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