3 thoughts on “From A Talk With A Grade 6 Class About Drugs

  1. Amazing story. In no bad way, it’s really easy to be inspired by this kid’s success, but what about being inspired by what we haven’t heard. I mean, maybe there’s some thing besides successful and monumental struggle over the odds that makes me think and gives me heart.

    Not everyone succeeds or has hope or is brave automatically or naturally. I’d not hesitate to say that most of us aren’t like that. Not everyone has an incredible tale of hope to tell. In fact, it seems that most of us struggle and grip at our successes almost in spite of ourselves. We fight with our physical and/or emotional demons, and fall down and give up, and fall down and give up yet countless times. There’s no magical story, no one to cheer us on. Our reality is that we have to struggle and find our way through this life just like everyone else.

    It’s easy enough to see a clear underdog doing well, and hip hip hurrah them to the finish line. I’m not saying I want to live life with another disability but I often think that while sometimes we hear these wonderful stories of people who triumph over tremendous odds to galvanize us, I still often think it’s the everyday stories, the meaning I find in the tales of average Joes that give me heart and make my day. Didn’t someone say that once – everyday heroes? We don’t always, maybe not even often, get it right. But we are giving it our best go and are struggling to manage as best we can. Not may not be courageous, but it’s real as crazy normal as it comes.

  2. What an amazing picture of inner strength, courage and determination! There is good people and goodness still left in the world….
    There is no drug that is more addictive than success and winning your own battles…
    Well done for showing this..
    I’m not physically handicapped but I am handicapped by past trauma…I know that once I’m done with healing I will go on to help others and am doing so during this journey! Never give up regardless of your story!!!!!
    Ps…I’ve been reading your posts..thank you for your insight and if I lived in the states I’d gladly buy you a Happy Meal as a gesture of friendship as long as we could have enlightening conversations! Kerri

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