Batman Killed By Camry

Sad story on the Interweb today about the death of Batman. Leonard Robinson was a successful business man who, with no ulterior motive, spend a great deal of his cash impersonating Batman. He drove a Lamborghini, completely decked out in paraphernalia. He was pulled over by the cops in 2012, who must have obviously not understood that the Dark Knight was visiting kids parties and generally shedding joy throughout Gotham. I first read about him on Lenny spent his money trying to make a small difference and would have remained in obscurity, just doing good things, if not for a viral video taken from a police dash-mounted camera.

Here’s the biography from Cracked:

Take Lenny B. Robinson, the Baltimore businessman who has poured more money than some of us make in a year into a full Batman costume and other gear to go entertain sick kids. He even bought a black Lamborghini and decked it out with bat symbols (though we suspect he would have done that anyway).

Via Washington Post
“In fact, doing that was the only reason I got rich in the first place.”

He spends about $25,000 a year on this little crusade, buying toys and gifts to give out to kids suffering from leukemia and equally awful diseases. Yes, he’s rich and he can do this kind of thing, but it’s still nice to see an example of a rich guy giving back when you hear so much about pro athletes and such blowing their fortunes on bullshit.

People like Leonard remind us that there are still people out there who care and share and give and love without any consideration of a financial windfall or of ending up on America’s Got Talent. I don’t know the full backstory and he may be as crazy as a bag of hammers but I doubt it. Good people make me want to be good people. And drive a Lamborghini.

I always wanted to be a superhero, many of us did. Life has a way of stripping our idealism and our special abilities and it’s very easy to forget that there was a time when we wanted to change the world. Here’s to you Batman. I always thought it would be a superhero who eventually figured out that you had no real superpowers but it was a Toyota. You were the hero we wanted, but not the one we deserved.


3 thoughts on “Batman Killed By Camry

  1. That’s truly sad news Scott. Like I said in our last conversation, I still do think one person can help and inspire others big time. I’ve seen it and I genuinely hope and pray that there are more ‘superheroes’ out there to inspire us all to be better people. My problem is that I’m curiously detached and empty about the thought. I want to cry when I hear about those people again. I want to deeply feel their kindness and the value of their gift. I want to really believe it’s possible to live that kind of life again. That in itself is an immense gift. One that I hope is possible for people like me who are feeling lost and devalued and are not sure why or how to ‘leap out of it in a single – or many – bounds’. My tights are moth eaten and my cape is tattered and I need a few more genuine human beings to help me out of the Batcave these days. I am grateful for all those kind souls who genuinely want to help, and one day I hope to thank them and feel it deep into my soul.

  2. Thank you Scott. I am so saddened to hear of this. I don’t for sure know if he was a superhero…but most definately he was an earthling hero. RIP good man.

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