Some Things In Life Need To Be Catch And Release…

Amazing mindfulness music video

(thanks to Lori Abercrombie for the idea)

*if you like this stuff you should check out Neil Gaiman’s story about what to do if you find yourself inside a fairy tale. I have it in audio and am fond of using it to distract myself and others…

3 thoughts on “Some Things In Life Need To Be Catch And Release…

  1. Funny that this popped up in my email!

    I have been listening to this song since the beginning of summer. Great lyrics and message being put across.

    Definitely a helpful song for this mind bending moments.

    Thanks Scott!

  2. Amazing song!! I needed this. Such powerful & profound lyrics, literally & metaphorically. The beat is uplifting. Thank you for sharing. Letting go of expectations, non attachment to the outcome ….. ahhh!!! I want to learn to play this on the guitar & this song will be heard by many of my yoga students:) 💖💜🎣

  3. Thanks Scott. I love the lyrics of the song. I haven’t really been meditating or taking time to relax and unwind. Of course, I feel I do that enough 😏 but it’s not really the same thing. This is a good reminder to do more. I’ll have to listen to the rest of the Neil Gaiman story through. Reminds me a lot about a guided meditation I used to attend. It’s very relaxing and grounding. I’ve been feeling a little ‘Alice through the looking glass’ lately, not sure which way is up – still! I feel like I need to stop spinning and put down a few badly needed roots again.

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