“I don’t have a drinking problem, I have a thinking problem.”

If you’ve ever struggled with addiction, this video is a must-see. AA is not the only option, and it can be argued not even the best option – but it is a hell of a lot better than doing nothing.
And it worked for Craig.

3 thoughts on ““I don’t have a drinking problem, I have a thinking problem.”

  1. and this is how it works: sharing our experience, strength and hope to those who suffer. but there is so much more, and its free!!
    I think you would love to hear that there is something quite psychological, as well as spiritual, about the 12 steps of AA. Sure others claim that they can get counseling, go to church, take a pill, etc. However, I have heard many exclaim how they spent thousands of dollars to stay sober and could not. Not to mention that I know some who perform service work at their church while they are connecting with God, yet they have resentments far beyond the average person (sadly you can see some in AA that claim they are working a program by going to meetings and being of service, yet they too are discontented).
    The 12 steps allow me to look at me, my behavior, what I can change in me to live a happy, resent-less life. and thus, relieving me of this “thinking problem” that I have and keep me sober. I can also apply this to every aspect of my life, for, “if I am disturbed, there is something wrong with me”.

  2. Great video! I have some former alcoholics in my family, although I’ve never had the problem myself. But I’m very sugar-sensitive, and I suspect this is a genetic matter, as many alcoholics are also sugar sensitives.

    There’s a website called radiantrecovery.com that approaches treatment from this particular angle, and claims a very high success rate. Might be worth investigating, for those who need it.

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