If You Are Successful You Can Do Whatever The Hell You Want

579281_10151511787388258_450744459_nTiger Woods is on top again. In honor of his recent success, Nike, who never dropped Tiger as a sponsor in spite of his foibles, has launched a new advertising campaign strategically called Winning Takes Care Of Everything. Apparently it doesn’t really matter if you are an adulterous letch as long as you can hit a little white ball into a hole better than anyone else in tacky pants and spiked shoes.

When you consider how young the potential audience is for such an ad, how many children idolize Tiger or want to get a new pair of Nikes, it is singularly irresponsible, even immoral, for a company that has made its billions off the backs of the general populace, to blatantly try to convince us that adultery is fine, ruining the lives of innocents is just peachy, as long as you make a comeback.

5 thoughts on “If You Are Successful You Can Do Whatever The Hell You Want

  1. Absolutely right, Scott. It’s a problem I often notice in our culture. We worship celebrities and sports figures, plain and simple. We worship anyone who has a great deal of fame or money, regardless of how vacuous or immoral they may be. Our values are askew. What are our children to think? I think the best we can do is use this information as a way to teach our children what is wrong. Character, compassion, doing the right thing……..these are the attributes which should be valued by our society. Not fame, wealth, celebrity, and narcissism.

  2. Nike has a long history of ruining the lives of innocents that begins with the production of their shoes in sweatshops in third world countries.

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