You Deserve A New Car

Justin Bieber

No you don’t. No one “deserves” a new car, or a new house, or much of anything for that matter. If you can afford it, than maybe you have earned a new car. But deserving?

Justin Bieber is in the news again. Lately his attention-seeking, narcissistic behaviour has crossed into the profane, even illegal. I could write books on his mental health issues and I’m sure someone will. This week it was reported that he was videotaped urinating into a mop bucket at a restaurant (indecent exposure?). Once upon a time, not so long ago, I owned a restaurant and know a little about customers who are ignorant, entitled, and unappreciative. Bieber is a train-wreck who, unless he grows into a real boy sometime soon, is surely going to end up like so many who have been given more than they deserve. Singing is not an important skill set. The waiters and chefs at the restaurant he defiled are more talented and harder working. I know people locally who can sing better than he can. Society has deemed that any idiot who can throw a football or is pretty and can yodel in tune deserves millions and millions of unearned dollars. The ‘Bieb’ is just another in a long line of people who have been given the keys to the kingdom without earning it – and therefore does not understand how to live. He is surrounded by fools who pander to his every whim and affirm his ridiculous and pathetic lifestyle. He has no idea that the world is laughing at him and wouldn’t understand if he was told. Wisdom is earned, and he hasn’t paid the price.


I have a relative who once tried to convince me that, at the age of twenty-one, she “needed” to spent $45,000 on a new SUV. For obvious reasons I chose to disengage from the conversation because you just can’t win an argument with stupid. She had all her excuses nicely rationalized in order to convince herself – it was a safety issue, after all. I feel the same way about parents who are firmly convinced that their nine-year old must have a cell phone; and not only that but a smart phone with a data plan. I try to act all mature, screw on my best psychologist face and ask, “Why do you feel that way?” Slapping clients is strictly frowned upon.

Someone needs to slap Justin Bieber. Entitlement is an insipid evil that crushes potential and leaves people bitter and disillusioned. Often too late in life they discover that they are not, in fact, the center of the universe and no one really gives a damn about them. Usually by this time they have alienated anyone who has truly cared for them and wonder why they cannot find meaning from life. If you don’t believe me just google bad plastic surgeries and you will be met with a morbid, albeit disturbing array of celebrities and wannabes who cannot deal with the fact that they are no longer the center of attention. Joan Rivers is looking scary, Klingon-ish. John Travolta looks like he is wearing a mask. The list goes on and on. Beauty is fleeting, they say, and basing your self-esteem on your outside is a surefire road to unhappiness. I know this because I have looked in the mirror. Chances are you know what I am talking about.

My son bought me a poster of Winston Churchill for my office. He is arguably one of the greatest men in history… and wow he’s ugly. He really does look like an English Bulldog. When I look at Winnie I am reminded that beauty is only skin deep but stupid goes right to the bone. Maybe you should take that money you were going to spend on French nails and purchase an audiobook on psychology, or Nietzsche, or Theology. I know Justin Bieber, with all his money, probably won’t.

I bet he doesn’t even know how to spell filosophy.

6 thoughts on “You Deserve A New Car

  1. Haha, ‘filosophy’.

    Manyof us have symbolically pissed in the bucket at one time or another. Eventually it back sprays.

  2. Not long ago I watched Beiber “performing”, I would hesitate to say he was singing! I couldn’t help but wonder who discovered him and said “this guys got talent”. He is a snotty nosed punk who needs to get over himself. I’m afraid he is in for a big let down in a few years and will have no life skills to deal with it.

  3. Excellent post, Scott and right up my alley, therefore worth a reblogging.

    I read about this narcissistic asshole the other day. Aside from the fact that one of my son’s is a chef at a five star and works his ever loving ASS OFF, I found Bieber’s behavior far more than nauseating but extremely anger provoking. I nearly felt insulted for my son, whose knees are giving out at 22, while Bieber most certainly has others ‘massaging’ his, along with his ego. I do believe Michael Jackson met his fate in much the same way. His life was not only very sad, raised in psychopathy, but his own mental health issues (child molester), were ignored by those who could have attempted to intervene, but were bought off by his millions and fame instead.

    There are many others in this world who suffer from ‘entitlement’ who are not rich or famous. The garden variety can wreak as much havoc and meet a meaningless end of life, while attempting to destroy many lives around them along the way. It’s frightening to think that on the whole, our society is rather narcissistic and celebrates disordered ones like this, providing many excuses for their behaviors, if not overlooking it. Tragic.

    BTW, my children were not allowed cellphones until they were sixteen.

    Great post!

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